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What is sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that has been in practice since 1900 BC, originating in ancient Egypt. It uses a paste made of sugar, lemon juice and water to gently lift the hair into the paste and remove it by flicking it off the skin in the direction of hair growth.

How long should my hair be?

Hair can be extracted at a shorter length than waxing. Best results happen with hair at least 1/8" in length, but can be removed starting at 1/16th". Basically, it is best to stop shaving at least 7-10 days prior, or even more for better results.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after Sugaring?

Generally, you will not see hair for 2 to 3 weeks after Sugaring. The hair will then grow back finer and more sparse with the slower regrowth. The time frames to schedule your next appointment are as follows (but can vary person to person)

Bikini- 3-6 weeks

Underarms, Brows, Face(lip, chin, sides of face)- 2-4 weeks

Legs, Arms- 4-6 weeks

Can I get sugared while I'm pregnant?

Absolutely, sugar is a much more body safe product than petroleum based waxes. It is free of chemicals, resins and toxins.

Can I get sugared during my period?

Menstruating does not affect the sugaring process, although please keep in mind that women are often more sensitive to pain both immediately before and during their cycle. If you want to get sugared during menstruation, we require that you use a tampon during your sugaring session.

Can I be sugared if on Accutane or topical products with retinol?

We do not recommend body sugaring within 6 months of taking Accutane. We also recommend that you wait at least 1 week after using a topical product with retinol (on the area you intend to have sugared) before you get sugared.

Do you offer manzilians or manscaping?

We only provide services to women.

Will there be any allergic reactions/ bumps/hives after sugaring?

Some people may get a minor histamine reaction similar to the reaction they would get when waxed. Usually it is not as strong, and the skin will not be left damaged. It's the body's reaction to having the hair totally removed from the follicle. If you are concerned or have had this type of reaction in the past, taking an antihistamine may alleviate this reaction.

What happens if I have to cancel?

Since we are an appointment only business, cancellations must be made 6 hours in advance in order to avoid a charge of 30% of the scheduled appointment price.